Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Four Seasons

Was thinking of another title, such as "the song of spring" since she is listening to birds.

With this, I really wanted to convey a ideal summer, not like in Tokyo where it is sweaty, hot and humid... x_x 

In Japan, there is a saying called "Aki ha yonaga" which means the night it long in the fall. I wanted to show the early end of days.

The other title I was thinking for this, was "warmth in winter."
It is weird, but it the coldness is worse in Tokyo then when I was in Milwaukee during winter or Finland in Feb. Of course it is way colder in temp there in Tokyo, but maybe it is because indoors it is warmer, or just because you wear a lot you are warmer... But it gets to me more when I'm sitting in a kind of cold office room for the whole day.

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