Monday, September 20, 2010

creepy... but helpful

I went to see something similar to "Body Works" in Japan. Somewhere where they take a real dead body and use plastic or something to preserve as is... and cut them up, or pose them in a swimming position, etc.

Since it was during summer break, a lot of people were with their kids, which I was surprised. I thought I'd be traumatized if I were them but instead kids seem more just innocently interested, while the adults make a fuss.

And.... I was pretty grossed out. I could say "disgusted" but that seemed like it was bit too strong of a word. However, when I was looking at the muscles I really realized how much I didn't know about how the muscles where, and how it would be helpful if I knew how they are. So, I drew quick sketches of the bodies... and I think I was able to creep out few people by doing so.

Maybe I'll look more into anatomy books (drawn illustrations) since the real thing (and pictures) makes me feel sick a bit...

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